Hantags Branding Nylon Fibers


Obtaining our hangtags

NUREL offers a wide range of hangtags

If your fabric or garment is made of any of our specialty yarns, you may be interested on our branding service.

Our hangtags are designed for the final consumer understanding and they are available in several languages and are supplied free of charge.

Hangtags are provided only for the fabrics and garments that fulfill our approval requirements.



NOVAREL requirements

NOVAREL Fabric approval requirements

NOVAREL yarns content on the fabric should be enough to provide the expected benefit. The side of the fabric in contact with the skin should contain a minimum 70% NOVAREL fiber content.

The minimum quantity required depends on factors such as fabric construction and composition.

NOVAREL Garment approval requirements

100% of the fabric in contact with the skin should be made of an approved NOVAREL fabric, and should cover the whole body parts where the cosmetic action is expected. Narrows, waistbands and cotton crotch areas could be made of other materials.

The fabric minimum required quantity depends on each garment structure.

NUREL analyzes and approves only the provided fabrics and garments with the unique purpose of allowing the use our brands.