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Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn firming effect
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Helps Skin Firm Up

Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn firming effect
Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn firming effect

NOVAREL Firming is a nylon microfiber which incorporates a cosmetic in order to help the skin to maintain its flexibility and to provide an anti-ageing skin effect during the garment use. Thanks to the exclusive microencapsulation technology, developed by our R&D department, microencapsulated cosmetics are embedded into the fiber.


Why does skin lose firmness?

From twenty years old, skin loses 1% collagen each year. Skin loses elasticity and at forty, firmness loss is a fact. Firmness loss is the first sign of skin ageing.

Cosmetic Ingredients

The cosmetic product contained in NOVAREL Firming yarns combines a selection of ingredients to help the skin firm up:  Retinol, Oleic Acid and other ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Fatty Acids.


This product contains a cosmetic that is registered following European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Scientifically proven efficiency
After 28 days of use:
FIRMNESS Improvement 20% users
ANTI-AGEING Skin effect 73% users
Active ingredients incorporated into NOVAREL Firming microcapsules
Novarel Firming Ingredients: Retinol
Novarel Firming Ingredients: Oleic Acid
Novarel Firming Ingredients: Aloe Vera
Novarel Firming Ingredients: Fatty Acids
Novarel Firming Ingredients: Active Minerals