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Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn Nourishing Sensation
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Helps to moisturize and provides elasticity

Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn Nourishing Sensation
Cosmetotextile Nylon Yarn Nourishing Sensation

NOVAREL Natural Care is a nylon microfiber that incorporates a cosmetic that contains rosehip oil and sweet almond oil that helps moisturize, improve skin elasticity and provide a regenerated and nourished skin sensation during the use of the garment. Thanks to the exclusive NOVAREL technology, the capsules containing active ingredients are embedded in the fiber.


Nourished and regenerated skin sensation

NOVAREL Natural Care helps to moisturize, tone and to enhance skin elasticity.

Natural origin ingredients

The cosmetic product contained in NOVAREL Natural Care microfibers combines a selection of natural origin ingredients such us Rose Hip Oil and Sweet Almond Oil in order to take care of the skin.

Rose Hip oil and Sweet Almond Oil have been used on the cosmetic industry for many years for their elastic, regenerating and moisturizing properties.


This product contains a cosmetic that is registered following European Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

Scientifically proven efficiency
After 56 days of use:
ELASTICITY Skin increase 12%
MOISTURIZING Skin increase 13%
TONICITY Increase 80% users
STRETCH-MARKS Visibility decrease 68% users
SKIN NOURISHED Sensation 90% users
REGENERATED SKIN Sensation 84% users
Active ingredients incorporated into NOVAREL Natural Care microcapsules:
Novarel Natural Care Ingredients: Rose Hip Oil
Novarel Natural Care Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil
Novarel Natural Care Ingredients: Active Minerals