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Nylon Fibers & Nylon Microfibers
Nylon Fibers & Nylon Microfibers

Extending our offer in Nylon 6 and 66 yarns

Since 1968, NUREL has accumulated extensive experience in the production of polyamide 6 polymers and yarns until it is considered one of the most innovative and highest quality producers in Europe.

Since 2006 we have increased our knowledge and experience in the production of nylon 66 filament that allows us to offer now a range of products of the highest quality.

The spinning mill inaugurated in 2010 and other more recent investments have enabled us to expand our production capacity of nylon 6 and 66 and gave us the opportunity to compete on quality and service with other large European manufacturers.

Our nylon 6 and 66 products are presented in the most common market formats: Cops, FDY, POY and beams.

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